from vain pleasures past she flies. (forensicirulan) wrote in juniper_creek,
from vain pleasures past she flies.

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Username: forensicirulan
Desired users to marry: placenta_sister
Desired vows: I do promise I'll always make you delicious food, read your poems and fanfics and ramble about everything really not important as I did so. Will always enjoy drooling over Lisa E, Hugh Laurie and House. *heart*
Fandoms?: House. House. and House. alright, and Dune, Prison Break, L word(because lesbianity is hot), Criminal Minds, CSI.
Music? Muse. Snow Patrol. Damien Rice. The Distillers. Jimi Hendrix. The Perishers. The White Stripes. Evanescence. Enya. Led Zeppelin. The Killers. U2. Moya Brennan. Yann Tiersen. Kosheen. Maná. Massive Attack. Wolfmother. Eric Clapton. Loreena McKennitt. Suzanne Vega. Avril Lavigne. Xavier Naidoo. Jeff Buckley. Elliot Smith. (pretty an amount..)
Favourite word: polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase, that's so obvious.
Pet peeves: gossips, hypocrism, brutality.
When I grow up, I want to: still laugh on everything, all day. and be the happy wife of placenta_sister and Lisa E.
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