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juniper_creek's Journal

Joining LJ in not-so-holy matrimony
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Inspired by the HBO drama Big
Love (of which you do NOT need
to be a fan in order to join and/or
participate), the aim of this
community is to bring together the
users of LJ and join them in
not particularly holy matrimony. Our
very own polygamist compound.
Saucy. Where there are to be
numerous husbands/wives in a not
even remotely creepy manner. And
there shall be not-at-all-freaky prairie
outfits and bad hair.

With braids.

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--> Join the community
--> Post an entry using the form
at the bottom of this page.

--> Send your husbands/wives to
be to join & reply to your post with
their vows

--> Once the above requirements
are met, we'll provide you with
your banner come marriage
certificate :)

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--> If you marry a user, you are
additionally married to all the
users THEY are married to. This
affects you in no way whatsoever.
Just thought you'd like to know. ;)
eg... so_bambiesque is
married to
Janel Moloney (even though this
is against the rules. It's an example
and it's in our heads. Ha.) Both
myself and mrsdtaylor
married to so_bambiesque
... Thus we
are married to Janel. Yays! She
loves so_bambiesque


Once a member, if married
to a user on your flist, you may
then marry further users, (so long
as they join the community) and
so on. Kind of a pyramid effect...
You are to make a seperate
application for future marriages or
additions to an existing 'family'.

--> You can ONLY marry an LJ user.
Nobody fictitious or from other blog
type sites... Or anyone famous.
Sorry. I myself would dearly love to
marry Lisa Edelstein...

But it ain't happening ;__;


This rather sexy little community
is run by

iwant_sprinkles (meeeee)